Fish yourself off the hook. Fishing for Support

We understand that addiction is a symptom of unresolved trauma, not a sign of weakness.

We want to take you fishing at sea where you can enjoy some peace and someone is there to listen without judgement if you want to talk. You might even catch a fish.

This will be our approach, time to roll back the years and hopefully find that turning point maybe a single trauma was the day it began to go wrong. What we do hope to find is a common denominator allowing support to be targeted earlier for future and cut off the flow of rough sleepers.

To this end we expect to write up the first 20 trips, the information without personal details will be given to those agencies working in the field of homelessness including Government.

There is a wealth of early research that supports fishing as a way to begin to come to terms with trauma and addiction: the armed forces are currently using it to treat PTSD.

  • Stress – reduced by 56%
  • Re-experiencing – reduced by 60%
  • Avoidance – reduced by 63%
  • Hyper-vigilance – reduced by 62%

It’s more than fishing – it’s a therapeutic modality that is proven to work."

I have worked in the area of trauma for 12 years and I can’t get the results through therapy that I can achieve with fishing.

Mark - ConnectSport.

Your skipper on the Time and Tide is Jim Deans.

Jim has training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and 8 years of experience befriending and supporting adults who have lived through trauma, most recently as founder and CEO of Sussex Homeless Support. Everything said aboard Time and Tide is confidential (within safeguarding requirements) and there's no pressure to talk.

Our thanks for funding this project go to the family of Antony Bradshaw - 2020. With their support, Anthony kept addiction from overwhelming his life, and their generosity in gifting the boat which will help others to talk back control is wonderful.

Even though I’m vegan I think your idea is brilliant! My Brother died unexpectedly in January. Sadly he was an alcoholic and struggled with his demons for many years. It was a wonder that he was never made homeless. I’m his next of kin and he left some money which I divided between my 2 Sons. Alex lives in New York and wanted to donate his to your charity. Thank you for offering to call the boat after him. It’s lovely to think his legacy will be put to good use

I have a long history of boats and the sea my great grandfather was lost at sea a fisherman sailing out of Lerwick in north Scotland into the worst seas to feed his family he never got to touch the head of my grandmother who was born while they were still searching for him. My training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy will help by listening and giving encouragement. "Catching fish is the smallest part of the project".