A big THANK YOU to the students of Brighton College


On Wednesday 25th September, Brighton College held a ‘make a difference day’, where everyone in the school heads out into the community to do some good. 

Twelve of their students aged 13 – 17  and one teacher came to the SHS warehouse. They did an amazing job and we want to express our gratitude.

As you may know, SHS is run and operated entirely by volunteers and it is hard to keep on top of all the jobs. The arrival and hard work of this group made such a difference.  They worked their way through clothing that had been donated for our homeless clients, stocking the shelves in readiness for visits from those in need and for the Sunday clothing hand out at the Street Kitchen.

We often have an excess of certain items and rather than just leave these on the shelves, these are packed for collection by the Calais refugee helpers. Nothing goes to waste – even damaged clothes are recycled and this brings in a little extra income for the charity.

So a big thank you to the students and teacher from Brighton College and to Sarah Awbery for suggesting us.  Please come back next year and ‘make a difference’.