Father Christmas has already made sure our homeless client’s pets will be OK

Big Hearts Square Group dogs photo 1

There’s a lot of love out there!

As a charity, we can struggle to get funding. Fighting for the rights of the homeless is tough task but every so often something magical happens that brightens our day.

There are some amazing people out there who get together and share their skills to make the lives of others better.

The Big Hearts Square Group, which was set up by Tracy Bristow, is a group of people from all over the country, who knit, crochet and sew for causes in the UK and overseas. We’ve already been the lucky recipients of some of their beautiful blankets, which are fondly called ‘love blankets’ by Jim Deans ( check out the sitting room area of the buses) but now, they’ve got together to make special Xmas gifts for the pets of our homeless clients.

So far 22 packs containing blankets, toys and treats have been created and they are still going.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU BIG HEARTS SQUARE GROUP for looking out for our clients and their pets. They are going to love these and we so appreciate you supporting our work x

If you want to be part of something special, do check out Big Hearts Square Group on FB. They create wonderful things for children in orphanages overseas, children in foster care in the UK and are part of lots of other projects – if you can knit, crochet or sew and want to be part of something special, do get in touch with them.  And, if you have large quantities of wool to spare, they would love to hear from you.