Street Kitchens every Saturday


1pm at the Old Steine and Thursdays 6.30pm at the Peace Statue. Thanks to our volunteers….

Sun shone down on our Saturday afternoon support we managed to use the new burger trailer for transporting a mountain of supplies to the Steine which was just as well as we were really busy again. Volunteers were simply amazing you really are the stars the homeless and those in need are dancing in the street with you how cool is seeing that such a happy sight in such a sad way. Behind the scenes as always work till they drop to bring everything together Josie and Helen clearing up the mess Chef Jazz. They never once doubt my course and the support is always there. Lucy is making such a big difference at the base and the silicon man has been joined by Paul and Simon this week together we have moved the whole floor of the unit and built enough shelving to keep it all safe. I really hope everyone gets a break now as I know I am exhausted. I can get on with the new food trailer tomorrow it will make a massive difference to how we serve food and there will be room for Tracey’s Treats along with the main meals. Thanks everyone hope you can all get along to the King Alfred for our fund raiser in 2 weeks.