Thank you Graeme Stokes for raising £1,318 for SHS

One of the 'Finds'
One of the 'Finds'
Just some of the wonderful donated raffle prizes

The background

Graeme Stokes is a children’s nurse in A & E at the Royal Alex in Brighton.  His job is often stressful and as a way to relax, Graeme took up the hobby of metal detecting – it combines his love of history with a stress relieving walk in the countryside.

A while back, Graeme bought a new metal detector and wanted to test out its capabilities on the beach.  It was the day after the awful fire on the Sussex Homeless Support bus. A lady approached Graeme, asking if he could try and find a ring, which belonged to one of the men who had been staying on the bus.  It had great sentimental value and had been lost during the fire.  Graeme searched but couldn’t find it.

The idea takes shape

However, over the following few days he worked on an idea to help the homeless people in Brighton.  He posted on the SHS Facebook page, asking if anyone had access to land.  A wonderful person-  one of our supporters, Rebecca Cook – came forward and Graeme organised a metal detecting rally on the land which she had access to,  on Saturday, July 13th.

The response to attend was fantastic – people came from as far away as Portsmouth, paying £20 each to participate.  Big ‘metal detecting’ suppliers donated prizes for the raffle – one being a metal detector worth about £400.

The result!

Graeme has just transferred the takings to the SHS charity bank account – a staggering £1,318.

Sussex Homeless Support would like to thank Graeme Stokes, his girlfriend Sally Garozzo and Rebecca Cook of The Garden Chef (,  for their organisation, support and enthusiasm, which made this possible. With thanks also to those companies who supplied raffle prizes: Leisure Promotions, Raven and C-Scope.

If you have access to some land and would consider allowing a group of very respectful, considerate and well organised metal detectorists have a fun day out, whilst raising money for charity, please contact Graeme Stokes via email

Please note that all professional guidelines and required ‘finds’ notifications are adhered to.


Graeme Stokes (right) with the winner of the metal detector